Health is an Inside Job

About Joyce
Joyce Gerber is a holistic health practitioner, educator, consultant, and creative artist. She is certified as a nutritional counselor, a colon hydrotherapist, an herbologist, and an iridologist. Joyce is a licensed massage therapist, trained in Swedish massage, shiatsu, reflexology, and deep tissue work, and has been in private practice since 1982.

Joyce's intention is to help people create and maintain optimal health, and to reverse conditions that create disease and imbalance in the body. Joyce teaches people healthy eating and optimum food choices, and she works with the highest quality of nutritional supplementation in the form of minerals, herbs, vitamins, enzymes, essential oils, and superfoods.

Joyce has created a comprehensive program called "HEALTH IS AN INSIDE JOB",
which is a total and complete wellness system. The system includes 7 components:

1) A Guided Tour Through The Health Food Store

2) Transform Your Kitchen, Transform Your Life

3) Nutritional Cleansing & Detoxification

4) Colon Hydrotherapy

5) Pleasure Your Body With Movement - Exercise With A Smile

6) Putting It All Together - The Daily Healthy Lifestyle

7) Ongoing Health & Wellness Coaching Support For Graduates

"Fun & Delicious" is the theme of Joyce's work. Her clients will discover a way of eating, and a way of life that is simple, manageable, and user-friendly. No more excuses!

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