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About Joyce

About Joyce

Joyce Gerber's intention is to help people create and maintain optimal health, and to reverse conditions that create disease and imbalance in the body. Joyce teaches people healthy eating and optimum food choices, and she works with the highest quality of nutritional supplementation in the form of minerals, herbs, vitamins, enzymes, essential oils, and superfoods.

She guides people through total body cleanses to promote detoxification and utilizes colon hydrotherapy with her clients to further that process along. Joyce is trained in various massage and bodywork techniques, which stimulate circulation and energy flow, as well as improve lymphatic function, so that stagnant wastes and toxins in the blood are more efficiently eliminated.

Born and raised in New York, Joyce Gerber is a holistic health practitioner, educator, consultant, and creative artist. She is certified as a nutritional counselor, a colon hydrotherapist, and an iridologist. She is a licensed massage therapist, trained in Swedish massage, shiatsu, reflexology, and deep tissue work. She has been in private practice since 1982.


Training in Advanced Clinical Nutrition with Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., Metagenics, West Los Angeles, California, January, 1994.

Herbal Apprenticeship with Susun Weed, Woodstock, New York, June-July, 1991.   

Fasting Retreat and Training Seminar with Dr. Gabriel Cousens at Rio Caliente Spa, Guadalajara, Mexico, December, 1990.

Living Foods Education training at the Ann Wigmore Institute, Rincon, Puerto Rico, January-February, 1990.

Food and Healing certification by Annemarie Colbin, The Institute For Food and Healing, New York, New York, May, 1988.

Nutrition and Iridology certification by Dr. Bernard Jensen, Ph.D., Nutritionist & Chiropractor, Escondido, California, September, 1987.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (a therapeutic tool for behavioral change), certification by the Robbins Research Institute, Scottsdale, Arizona, February, 1985.

Colon Hydrotherapy certification, The Wood Hygienic Institute, Crestwood, Illinois, August, 1984.
Advanced certification, The Colon Hydrotherapy Institute of California, Culver City, California, July, 1993.

Herbology Intermediate Level Certification, Women's School Of Herbology, New York, New York, May, 1984

Shiatsu certification by the Swedish Institute, New York, New York, April, 1982.
Studied shiatsu at the Ohashi Institute, New York, New York, 1983-1985.

Reflexology certification by the Swedish Institute, New York, New York, April, 1982.
Studied reflexology with Laura Norman & Associates, New York, New York, 1982-1983.

Massage Therapy license by The University of the State of New York, Education Department. Graduated from The Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, New York, New York, November, 1981.

Complete curriculum:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Pathology
  • Medical Massage
  • First Aid
  • Swedish Massage
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation